I have been a trial attorney here for 33

years, 17 of those years I have served Western North Carolina as an Assistant District Attorney, and 16

years as a private attorney. Over all that time I have learned what matters most when there is a pitched

battle in the courtroom for the safety and security of your homes, your children, and your county:

knowledge of the law and experience. I have had the honor of representing you the people of Western

North Carolina during my entire career, and I have had a lot of good attorneys throw their best, or you

could say worst, at me, and I have learned a lot from those contests. It is those 33 years of experiences

and knowledge that I will use as your District Court Judge.


A District Court Judge handles many different types of cases: criminal, civil, domestic, juvenile, and social

services to name a few. I have successfully represented both the State of North Carolina and/or

thousands of individuals in all of these types of cases during my career. The knowledge that I have

gained through these many and various cases is an invaluable resource to draw upon as a judge when a

decision must be made on what the ultimate outcome is to be for any case.


My wife, Connie, and I love Western North Carolina. Our three children are fine examples of the

Haywood County school system, and they have gone on to have successful careers. My wife is a private

attorney with a focus on representing people who need help in domestic and social service cases. She

previously had worked for Legal Aid for 17 years representing people who have been the victims of

domestic violence. My mother and father were Jim and Elwanda Moore. They had Moore’s Mountain

Realty in Maggie. My father was in the Army and was a deputy sheriff in Louisana. My mother was a

longtime legal secretary who worked for numerous attorneys in Waynesville. My sister, who recently

passed, and her two children live in Haywood County, as well as one of my aunts and a cousin who

married into the Caldwell family. I tell you all this to let you know I am deeply invested in your safety

and security here in all of the counties of the 30th Judicial District, because my home is your home.

My name is Jim Moore and I ask you for your vote and your support for District Court Judge.

My leadership in our community includes serving as a Junior and Senior Warden of Grace Church, being a volunteer for KARE, and assisting in numerous domestic violence awareness events.  I have also coached baseball, soccer, basketball & football in Haywood County for 20 years.  

I was Assistant and then Chief Assistant District Attorney for the 30th Prosecutorial District. I

was assigned to all seven counties in the District: Cherokee, Clay, Graham, Haywood, Jackson, Macon,

and Swain County. I served Western North Carolina as an assistant district attorney for 17 years. As a

longstanding member of two different District Attorney administrations, I was trusted to review

almost every major case involving first degree murders, habitual felons, drug trafficking, sexual offenses,

and complex frauds.


I also assisted the District Attorney in making high-level policy decisions affecting the fair

administration of justice and day-to-day operations in the District Attorney’s office. I also worked closely with

federal, adjacent State, and other law enforcement authorities outside of the District Attorney’s district

in deciding which agency will best be able to pursue the best chance at conviction.


My long and successful career led to Statewide recognition. I was honored to be

selected as one of the top prosecutors in the State to serve on the very first Best Practices Committee. This

group was tasked with putting together a set of guidelines by which DAs and their staffs would be more

uniform in prosecutions across the State and to be more successful in those prosecutions.

I will bring to the position of District Court Judge my hard work, vast experiences, and belief that everyone is entitled to a fair hearing in court.  These are just a few of the reasons why I am the right choice for our mountains, and the right choice for District Court Judge.

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